Burger Fest!

ImageLast weekend Roscoe Village put on their annual Burger Fest. I love Roscoe Village, and I lived very near there for three years. But despite all that love, I’ve never been to their burger fest. This year, determined to go, I invited two friends … who are also vegetarians. Why them? Well, I would like to say I did it on purpose (some sort of meat irony?), but in reality, they are just two of the people I know who are usually up for anything. So cheers to them for being so excited to come to a burger fest and take the vegetarian options (ice cream, corn on the cob, black bean burger, and ice cream again – that’s right, we bookend our festival experiences with ice cream).

It’s a small street fair, and we walked it about three times. We each tried the Guinness ice cream from Mrs. Murphy’s and Sons Irish Bistro (where I spent the beginning part of my 21st birthday oh so long ago). For $2 more, they made it into a root beer float. Totally worth it.

ImageI had the best burger bite from Rockit Bar. It had cheddar cheese, bacon aioli and fried onion bits on a pretzel roll (I’m sure there was a burger in there somewhere). Not being one to stand in the sun too long on a hot day, my friends and I walked to Paciugo on Roscoe Street and finished up with sea salt and pistachio gelato.

Burger fest was short and sweet. I’m glad we went. The music was lively and Roscoe is always filled with young families looking for fun. It was a great fest experience.


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