Dueling Dinners

A couple of weeks ago E and I agreed to make a theme dinner of cauliflower mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash. (I’m overly fond of themes.) Unfortunately, my local grocery store was out of spaghetti squash, but it gave me the chance to try a pasta verde recipe I’d been looking at – one of the dozens of recipes I’ve pinned from How Sweet It Is (that girl always makes the most enticing treats).

At one point we had pots waiting their turn on the counter.

E surprised me by not only bringing the cauliflower, but the stuff to make rosemary, lemon chicken. Not daunted by the amount of food, or the 6 pots and pans we would need, we started making our respective meals.

An hour and a half later, we finally got to try our rosemary, lemon chicken; cauliflower mashed potatoes; creamy pasta verde; and gin and tonics (my sister’s satisfying contribution). The best part about cooking with E is how good my kitchen smells after. The second best part, all the leftovers!

Everything was so good that I was feeling a little over confident and decided to try Vanilla Almond Orange Cloud Cookies from Joy the Baker. Clouds seemed like the perfect way to end a two dinner meal. I was less successful with these guys. They were cloud-like and yummy, but didn’t really retain their shape. So, I guess they were cloud-like in both texture and taste.

My favorite part about this meal:SONY DSC

  1. If you put enough garlic into mashed cauliflower it does taste like mashed potatoes and it’s delicious.
  2. Pasta made with mascarpone cheese and avocado is bound to be good. Once you add the bread crumbs, it’s awesome!
  3. And any cookie made with orange zest and vanilla bean is going to make you feel like a pastry chef even when it looks like a blob (it helps if you don’t actually know all the work a pastry chef has to do).

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