Lemon Layer Cake (no duck sprinkles)

SONY DSCMy brother was in town last weekend to celebrate his birthday, and I wanted to make him a cake. I scanned my pinterest and determined I had everything I need to make Love and Olive Oil’s Lemon Layer Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting. (What?! yes, you heard right. Lemon & fudge.) But by the time I got back to my apartment I had two hours before my brother was supposed to show up, and unsoftened butter. I am continually shaking my fist at unsoftened butter. So, I decided we could do without cake. Good decision since we had to change plans last minute and ended up leaving for dinner as soon as he got here and didn’t get back til very late. No cake time. Unless you feel it is acceptable to eat cake for breakfast. Which I do … anyway.


The homemade frosting is on the left

I made the cakes on Sunday and froze them overnight (as per instructions). Monday evening, when I went to make the frosting, I ran into your typical frosting snafu: I was missing powdered sugar. Other common frosting snafus? Missing milk or butter. Each pretty tragic in its own way. Three stores and one hour later, I still did not have powdered sugar, so I picked up store bought frosting. I made a 2/3 batch of the fancy stuff (since I had 2/3 of the required powdered sugar), and then whipped a can of store bought stuff and added some vanilla extract. Can you see the difference? You can taste it. Not the end of the world. Chocolate and sugar are typically crowd pleasers in any situation.

I used the store-bought stuff in the middle, but after the cake was entirely frosted, I realized the 2/3 of the recipe would have been just enough for the whole cake. I don’t regret my decision. I don’t!

SONY DSCAfter I assembled the cake, I had a tough decision to make. Duck sprinkles or green shimmer? Honestly, if not for my sister, I might have agonized over this decision for awhile. She choose green shimmer. Personally, I think she choose wrong, but it was out of my hands. But I know her decision was pure. She doesn’t get any of the cake. I’m taking it to work. Maybe she didn’t think they’d appreciate ducks. As if.


Oh! It was three layers … I regret not taking a picture of it all cut into.



2 thoughts on “Lemon Layer Cake (no duck sprinkles)

  1. So fun to read. Thanks for a fun moment,. . .even read it to Uncle Doug. . .and he of course smiled. . . .hey are you going to do a newer vision of Julia?look forward to seeing you on Sat. Wear your dancing shoes. . . Bruno is coming,. . . .love ya

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