Dinner fails and cilantro vodka

SONY DSCLast week Erika and I had a little bit of a dinner fail. She made Pan-Seared Sichuan Shrimp with Mung Bean Noodles from Food and Wine, and I made Bon Appetit‘s Summer Squash Saute. Go try those recipes. They were delicious. The flavors were really enticing. Let me tell you where we went wrong.

SONY DSCFirst, BA says to cut your vegetables into matchsticks. I debated cutting it up by hand, or using a mandoline and cutting that up into matchsticks. But then I found a large cheese grater that looked like it would perfectly! The product looked matchstick-like, I thought. Anyway, during the portion where you are supposed to squeeze out excess moisture I started to realized maybe a cheese grater wasn’t the way to go. Once in the pan, it looked like this:

To see what it was supposed to look like, click on the Bon Appetit link.

SONY DSCI think being well aware that my portion of the dinner was not going to be good, Erika fell on her sword. Figuratively. Maybe. At one point I know I heard her say, “maybe I should cook the noodles longer.” But then she shrugged and walked away. We usually don’t make a habit of butting in when the other is cooking, so I didn’t give my two cents. I don’t think I even looked up. I was quite distraught over my mush. The flavor of Erika’s meal was great. I love that she likes to cook with shrimp so much. But the noodles were hard.  Okay, there, I said it.

I tried to salvage my mush by over-browning it and hopefully turning it into some kind of hash. Like I said, the taste was really great for both meals. But the consistencies left much to be desired. Damn desire.


doesn’t look that bad, huh?

Jill saved the day with a taste test of some cilantro vodka she just bought. I thought she was going to make us each the same drink … but that was silly of me. First she made a Cucumber Daisy (elderflower, cilantro vodka, lime juice and a cucumber wheel) – Erika got that one. Next she made a Cilantro Lemonade (cilantro vodka, lemonade and club soda) – that was mine. Finally, a Cilantro Rita (cilantro vodka, triple sec and lime juice) – Jill’s. I know all this because I found the absolute vodka website on my computer the next morning.


Jill won this dinner duel.


One thought on “Dinner fails and cilantro vodka

  1. I love that you always “save” your dinners by drinking. If I had thought of THAT many years ago, I would have LOVED my cooking too…

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