I have a recent obsession with tostadas.

It started when I last moved and a friend of mine got so excited because I now live right next to her favorite Mexican place, Garcias. Now, the Garcias by the metra – she insists – is a million times better than the Garcias in Lincoln Square. Better? I don’t know. They’re both pretty good, but the one she likes is definitely closer. Sold!

In the last year (did I say “recent” obsession? Lies) I’ve been to Garcias a lot, and I always get their tostadas. It is a fried tortilla piled with a layer of refried beans, steak, lettuce, tomato mmmm.  I’m mostly intrigued by the challenge of trying to eat it neatly without the shell breaking. Nearly impossible.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Garciathisones in Lincoln Square and I had an avocado tostada. Delicious. Crispy, creamy. The best refried beans ever (made with lard?). So good.

Last week, I finally recognized my obsession while at Dolce Casa Cafe. I ordered a tostada dessert for lunch. (I think they called it a torta … which is a sandwich and not accurate.) Their tostada is a slightly thick, but crispy dessert tostada made with, I think, anise seeds and covered in coarse while sugar. It was accompanied with lemon curd and very sweet, homemade whipped cream.

I’ve recognized my obsession … isn’t that the first step? The second step? Trying to order something different from Garcias next time I’m there … probably not.


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