Catching Up


run mikey run

It has been a busy fall. There has been a lot of cooking, baking and Pinterest attempts, but not a lot of posting. To remedy that, some updates …

My cousin, Mike, ran his first marathon and he did AWESOME! He finished in 3:35! Crazy kid. See this great picture that I got as he ran past? I’m a pretty talented photographer. (All attempts to get a picture of his actual face were thwarted … he was running pretty fast.)


I promised I would make cookies in the shape of his face for his marathon party. This pumpkin is going to be Mikey’s face!


I think I was spot on.


The dirty dishes reminded me of the dinner scene from Hook. Bangarang!


Pie Making

SONY DSCThere have also been a couple of dinner parties that involved pie making. I grew up baking pies with my Uncle Doug, so I usually use his recipe. But my sisters  wanted to try the Bacon-Bourbon Apple Pie from Food & Family. It sounds fancy, for sure. And it was good. But you know how you always prefer your family recipe? Me too. Food & Family has nothing on my Uncle Doug.

Minions Attack for Finn’s Birthday


My youngest nephew just turned 7! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN! To celebrate we had a minion-themed party. My sister asked me to make these little minion marshmallow things she found on Pinterest. They all had one eye because we could not find smaller, edible eyes. The pictures do not do justice to how proud I was of these little guys. The kids ate them up so … JUSTIFIED! During the party I found out that this is one of my sister’s favorite songs and she plays in the car for the kids … a lot.

That explains the heavy minion theme …

Minion cupcakes SONY DSC

Minion pumpkin SONY DSC

Minion pinata SONY DSC

I loved this theme!

New Apartment!

Erika’s working a ton, and just moved to a new (and lovely) apartment. All the while, we have been cooking, but not posting so much. I will post more on actual food later, but for now … our last meal. Pretty, no?

Our last meal


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. You re so awesome Katie. . .please keep us in the loop.,. As much as I do not like food shows and discussions. . I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS,!!?

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