Invalid Breakfast


This was a weekend of big, heavy breakfasts. Jill had minor surgery this week which means that we were both home all weekend. That’s pretty unusual. We were both home, and we were faced with a refrigerator full of good intentions. Good intentions are ingredients that never put themselves together to form dinner. (Where is Remy when you need him?) Ground pork and mustard greens that we were totally going to turn into soup. Brussel sprouts that were clearly getting roasted. Duh.


The pork was a lost cause. It was definitely the source of that weird smell we woke up to on Saturday. But the brussel sprouts were salvageable, so they became breakfast. Both days.


Fry up some bacon. Quarter some brussel sprouts and cook them in the bacon fat. Which turns them from this:

SONY DSCTo this:

SONY DSCI burnt some garlic (woops) and scrambled some eggs. I topped the eggs with cheese (to hide the unattractive burnt garlic), topped the brussel sprouts with salt and topped the breakfast with bacon. Brussel sprouts and bacon became, what I’m calling, our invalid breakfast. Cause Jill’s an invalid.

Oh, and when I ask Jill for feedback, (what kind? what did you like, not like?) she said she liked everything and didn’t like everything. No, wait, didn’t not like anything. Double negatives. Too much work to bother. 🙂


Oh, and, Jill’s doing well! Bon appetit!

Cooking Music: Herbie Hancock


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