Macaron Secrets


Alternative title: Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

  1. Crack your own eggs (even if it says “100% Egg Whites”).
  2. Use non-stick spray on your Silpat. Or better yet, don’t use a Sipat. The more irregular the cookies, the funner pairing them is. (That’s right. Funner.)
  3. Take breaks, or caffeinate. Or? Bah. AND caffeinate. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Experiment. Your coffee icing is too liquidy? Your chocolate ganache is too stiff? Make a moat of one and a pond of the other. It might work. Depends on which one you choose to make the moat.
  5. Re-experiment. That coffee icing was bad. Know when to let go. I’ve moved on; so should you. Try this one: 1/4 marscapone, 1 tbsp coffee, maybe some cinnamon.
  6. Did I say take breaks? Take more. You deserve it. Oh, and you deserve another macaron. Naturally.
  7. Bonus note: package with care. Maybe tissue paper? I haven’t quite nailed that one yet.