About Me!

My friend, Erika (E), and I started this blog almost a year ago (a year!). We spent the summer exploring the city, trying new drinks and making dinners for the week.

As the excitement of the summer died down, and autumn introduced a lot more responsibilities (new apartments, new jobs, new roommates, etc.), we got together much less often to actually cook, and more often to just catch up. I thought about starting a new blog, but I like what E and I have done so far, and I still really love to cook with others. So, Dueling Dinners stays. You’ll mostly hear from me, but E and others will definitely be around.

From when this was About Us:

Hi! I’m Katie and I love to cook. If I could, I would spend all day cooking and baking for my friends. And I would spend weekends exploring new restaurants and bars. Thank you, Chicago, for always having somewhere new to try!

With the help of my friend, Erika, I am exploring new recipes and restaurants all over the city.

My favorite food blogs have beautiful recipes and beautiful pictures. Erika and I don’t know if we’ll ever get that fancy. We’re just working on trying new, delicious things. Sometimes we happily substitute ‘delicious’ for ‘edible’.

We hope you find something here that you want to try, or read something here that makes you laugh.


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